deep_name (deep_name) wrote,

So, it seems that I've found a Way Out.

If you're creating something that makes fun of and points out to people just how gross and absurd Civilization and Culture and Shrek are, it seems that the only way you can do it and remain true to yourself is if you offer a solution or alternate life. If you just point things out to people to get them to laugh and realize how awful it all is, but don't present an escape plan, then it seems like you're being unhelpful and hypocritical.

However, there is no other way out. Either you remain a part of society or you fall off the face of the earth and starve. The President of the United States is a pretty safe example for someone who must always remain planted firmly in the middle of the ring of Civilization. He can never move towards the outskirts of the society because he's the figurehead of it. But a homeless man can easily go to the outskirts of thought- he can believe in UFO's and no one will really make much of a fuss. He can go as far towards the edge as he wants to, right up to the cliff of the Circle, but he can't fall off, because there's nowhere to fall to.

So, it seems that when people point out the absurdity of commercials and Shrek DVD's and excercise plans and Special K and new Ziploc bags, they are trying to push people towards the edges. They can't "cure" people of society, which is what they think they're doing most of the time, but that would be impossible. It's only possible to push the people right up towards the cliff, and to try to make that cliff so crowded that it will be unbearble; impossible to move, to know which way is up, barely able to breathe. Who knows what could happen then. It might be impossible to make it that crowded, but it could be one of the only ways to save the world.
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